Iphone Application Development Tutorial - Learning How to Make an Iphone Application

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own great game or application
for iPhone or iPad with no programming skills - and hit pay dirt with it
in the App Store?

If so, would you be interested in learning how to create iPhone apps easily with no programming experience and learn from some of the top iPhone app developers to get your app created and sold in App Store?

(Do you know this boy? This eighth grader made $287,145 with his simple app. Would you believe there were TWO MILLION downloads of his game?)

Whether you are a seasoned software developer or a complete newbie to Iphone applications, it doesn’t really matter as long you have a good Iphone Application Development tutorial to learn from. The truth is, anyone can sign up to build apps, can learn what they need to know without any payment, put their ideas together and bring them into action and at last sell the software which is supported by a world class leader like Apple. No other service offers such an opportunity in the world like Apple does.

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A good Iphone Application Development tutorial can help you in the areas where you feel helpless. Even f you cannot find any information on Apple’s Developer Connection web site or by other means, you don’t need to worry about that, because, a good tutorial should help you to understand all the aspects which aren’t available otherwise.

Not all tutorials are created equal. Some are sadly lacking and some are far too complicated. There are 4 vital components of a good I phone Application Development tutorial. Before you jump into creating your own Iphone app, I’ll tell you what makes up a good tutorial.

#1 - The Introduction - Getting Started. You should learn all about planning a project and putting together a development team, the optimal budget for start-up, the main differences between Iphone and iPad app/game development, different ways to become an app/game developer, learn different approaches to app building and game development and understand the apps/game development market and the potential of the business.

#2 - Programming - This step should be devoted to different programming techniques and getting your feet wet in Iphone app/game development. You would learn what programming tools are available for Iphone app development
and see how to simplify the app development process using special "shortcut" tools.

#3 - Design Process, Audio and Motion Effects - You would be learning design methodology, sound effects and animation for Iphone app/game development. Even if you are not a designer, you would learn how to start designing a project, find out how to create a user-friendly interface and graphics elements for your app or game, develop skills in using graphics editors for Iphone app/game development.

#4 - Marketing and Publishing: How to Promote Your Iphone/iPad Application or Game and Start Making Money - This step would be about learning marketing techniques, and how to publish your app or game on the App Store. Developers should learn everything about basic marketing techniques and optimal pricing strategies, find out what app and game genres are best-sellers, learn all the different ways to promote your app or game: viral marketing, creating trial and paid app versions, effective blog advertising, Q&A participation and many more, learn how to quickly and easily publish your product on the App Store.

This last step is vital to any developers success! There is only one tutorial I know of that not only covers all 4 of these aspects but includes these crucial and last secrets:

1. The best ways to promote your Iphone/iPad apps and games
2. How to become an App Store millionaire in 2011
3. Free or paid apps - What is the optimal price for your Iphone app
4. How can iPad apps give you steady cash flow
9. Marketing secrets. The seven keys for success
6. Reviews of the two most successful development projects
7. The 12 marketing mistakes that beginners make
8. How to capitalize on advertising in Iphone Apps.

Get ready to learn from some of the top iPhone app developers and possibly become the next App Store millionaire of 2011...

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